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Secure Cash Faster 

The premiere fiscal compliance and grant reporting tool for high-impact nonprofits.

About PreciseGrants

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Simple and Quick Nonprofit Fiscal Compliance

Now you have the tools to maintain compliance with your funders and monitor program and grant budgets…all with just a few simple clicks.

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Accurate Grant Reporting

Prepare your reports accurately with automated data entry and grant budget tracking.

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Overhead Allocation

Automate allocation of salary and overhead expenses to grant and program budgets.

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Smart Budget Management

Budget Modification Alerts so you can adjust grant budgets in efforts to free up cash to cover administrative expenses.

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Automated Audits

Give your auditors access to PreciseGrants so they can easily access supporting documents to conduct program audits.

Trusted by nonprofits receiving funds from some of the largest grantmakers.

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Secure Your Funding

PreciseGrants reduces the time it takes to complete the financial section of grant reports by 90%. No more scrambling to find and allocate expenses to grant budgets.  Don't risk inaccurate or late reporting.  Secure Your Funding!

Save Time and Reduce Admin Costs

PreciseGrants will decrease the time it takes to complete the financial section of your grant reports by 90%.  Further, we make completing timely tasks such as salary and overhead allocation quick and easy.


Increase Team Member Productivity

With features such as milestone tracker, team member assignment, deadline, and funding alerts.  PreciseGrants will significantly raise your staff productivity and prevent missed deadlines.

Meet Grant Compliance Requirements Every Time

Grants can often have confusing, non-standard reporting and documentation requirements, leading to errors and risk of non-compliance. This can cause funding cancellation.


Your team can now prepare 100% error-free grant reports because PreciseGrants’ intelligent framework instantly flags the most common reporting errors.


Streamline Your Reporting Process Today

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Escape Spreadsheets

Now you can prepare and manage grant budgets from your personalized PreciseGrants dashboard.

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Quick Connections

Synch your QuickBooks or upload data from bookkeeping system. No redundant data entry!

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Save Money

Avoid overspending by tracking expenses in real-time.  No money left behind!

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Painless Reporting

Complete the financial section of grant reports in minutes instead of hours.

Ready to automate your grant reporting
and Secure Funding?  

Start with a 14-day FREE trial.

Need help with staying compliant?

We offer services to help you stay compliant, build better budgets, and prepare for audits.
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