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Department of Youth and Community Development

Grant Supports

Youth & Community Development

Contact Person

Phone Number

Website Address or Grant Access Portal

Interim Reporting Required?

Only if <$10K

Interim Reporting Due Dates

10th day of following month after closing period (e.g. July PERS is due August 10th)

Final Reporting Required?


Final Report Due Date

August 31st

Sample Report

See additional resources

Instructions Provided by Funding Source

See additional resources

Additional Attachments Required with Report

Must attach PERS schedules to summary page. Make sure you have supporting docs (e.g. receipts) for all purchases, for they will be tested during the program audit.

Special Instructions

To avoid delayed reimbursement or disallowances: 1. make sure you do not submit expense amounts that are greater than the current budget balance 2. Make sure the "Title Codes" match the budget for FT & PT personnel.

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