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Growth Launch Package
(For passion driven nonprofits with an annual budget of less than $100k)

Without proper system and processes, it can cost time, money and in some cases the reputation of your nonprofit.  All of which is needed for your organization to get funding and be more impactful.  We've streamlined the fiscal compliance process, so you can focus on fulfilling your organization's mission.


(save 20%)


Growth Launch Package

$549 setup fee


  • Fiscal Compliance Assessment:

    • Financial Policies & Procedures​

    • Internal Control Documentation

  • Review of Annual Budget

  • Cost Allocation Analysis

  • Review of Bookkeeping System


PG Software

$20/mo Billed annually

Unlimited access to all features within PreciseGrants Software:

  • Budget and Revenue Reports

  • QuickBooks Integration

  • Budget Balance Tracker

  • Salary Allocation

  • Budget Modification Alert

  • Document Center

  • Funders List Report

  • Role Assignment

  • Unlimited Customer Services

Simple, High Impact Tools

Expense Upload

Upload program expenses to automate preparation grant reports.  Stay aware of remaining balance for program/grant budgets


Create & manage grant and program budgets from any computer, anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Budget Modification

Software tracks every expense line item for every budget to let you know when you should consider submitting budget modification to your funder.

Document Center

Upload important documents required for compliance of grant guidelines.

Salary Allocation

Upload payroll ledger and auto-allocate employee salary to program and grant budgets.


Access comprehensive funders list, budget reports, program revenue and more to help with timely decision making.

Start Growth Launch Today.

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